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Get Your Neck Slit Quick

September 28, 2009


My father use to carry a knife like this on him everywhere we went when i was a kid, hooked on his belt in a leather case. It was in plain sight, everyone knew what it was, and I often wondered what deadly things he could do with it if he had to. (He was   in Vietnam) Mostly i would see him use it for random hands on things like cleaning fish, opening packages ect…  so im getting one of these off general principle. ooh yeah!

at the Supreme online store


“Gold tops”

September 28, 2009


porcelain milk bottles with 10% gold luster tops designed by Shan Annabelle Valla is a London-based designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art earlier this year.

In 2005 she was awarded ‘New Designer of Year’ for the s’subtle beauty’ of her work, Shan won the ‘Charlotte Frasier Award’ 2008, and the ‘Matthews Wrightson Charitable Trust Award’ 2009.

Now working from her Cockpit Studio in Holbon, Shan is continuing to make her beautiful objects and installations for private clients, shops and Galleries.

The Reaper

September 25, 2009


George Foyet AKA “the Reaper” the serial killer  on the show Criminal Minds might be one of the scariest character i have ever seen on TV. Packing a 44. Colt Anaconda pistol that automatically strikes fear into his victims.  20 to be exactReaper22


read more about this Sinister Killer

Aziz Ansari is Funny!

September 25, 2009


Aziz Ansari is the reason i’m rushing home on Thursday to watch “Parks and Rec” this dude is funny as hell.. just watch the show and you will see what i’m talk about. I hope the writers of the show give him more material this season…. HEY since your not doing anything but checking out this blog… check out his website to find out where he is doing stand up and watch some videos.

What all the kids want for Christmas!!!!

September 22, 2009


The MP5: Paper Gun Model Kit is a paper model construction set of the Machine Pistol 5, one of the most widely used automatic rifles worldwide.

f3bda5bf266b3d21a87ddba77bdc3b44The design of the MP5 is laid-out upon radical modularity, mirroring the new possibilities of industrial production and evolution of the computer era. On airports, in front of embassies and in police stop-and-search operations, the MP5 is candidly displayed, bestowing the weapon as a natural part of regulatory power. Like a torch, handcuffs or walkie-talkies, the MP5 has managed to establish itself as a perfectly normal, albeit absolutely lethal technical gadget of every-day-life.

The London-based multidisciplinary design studio PostlerFerguson, composed of Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson investigates the history, the aesthetics and the lethal seductiveness of weapons. In their model kits series, they free the weapons from their terrible capacity to injure and kill by deconstructing it into paper construction sets.


September 22, 2009

Ok thats it…. this might cause me to get a  iPhone


Launching today, Pantone‘s new application for the iPhone and iTouch—aptly titled myPantone—allows users easy access to the Pantone color libraries, serving as an on-the-go color reference guide.

Design Philadelphia is almost here

September 22, 2009


October 07 – 13, 2009

Moving into its fifth year, DesignPhiladelphia is the largest national celebration of its kind. This city-wide cultural event spotlights all things design from architecture to interior design, fashion to product design, textile to graphic design. It’s a journey exploring exhibitions, workshops, studio tours, lectures, special events and product roll-outs that inspire, engage, excite and delight.

Don’t sleep on Mina’s Crepes.

September 21, 2009


Me and the wife were at Towson mall shopping for luggage in Louis Vuitton (siiiike)  feeling tried and famished from popping tags, we decided to get something to eat from the food court.  Their is a new restaurant beside the “Subway” called “MINA’S CREPES”.  I had been wanting to try out for a while so we ventured over and were immediately greeted with a friendly “Hello how can I help you” .  Tracey and the helpful young woman behind the counter started talking about the various selection of  crepes (Main course & Dessert) that they prepare to order on spot.IMG_9613

 The young woman offered to make us a sample of the Steak and Cheese Crepe and asked which toppings we wanted, from fresh tomatoes, onions, spinach, mushrooms ect… in minutes it was done and we  tasted. WOW it was GREAT!  So I ordered a full version of  that Crepe and Tracey got a variation with chicken and we washed it all down with some good Hibiscus Juice. So next time you are in Towson Town Center Mall Stop by Mina’s  and treat yourself!  


Mina’s also Caters check out the website

Ferrari 458: the movie. Show me what you got!

September 18, 2009

Filmed at the Mugello circuit and up in the Tuscan hills, the red and yellow 458s go toe-to-toe in a friendly challenge rather than an all-out fight, but it feels very cool and very Italian.

Washed out: Life of Leisure

September 18, 2009


They got some Hypnotic chill music that will serve as the soundtrack to my vacation in 2 weeks!! check it