The Battle for it all!!


Mos def  saying that just because someone says they’re the best, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true + how does someone get off [||] by calling themselves the best to begin with, when people like Rakim & Slick Rick are still alive and breathing. Then he starts talking about challenging Jay and his superfriends with the help of his pals Black Thought, Nas, Jay Electronica & DOOM 

This is how he wants it to go down..

He explains he wants this to happen in New Orleans Dec 30-31 for charity:

2 Marching Bands (Morgan State vs. Grambling)

2 DJs (Kid Capri vs Biz Markie)

2 Breaker Crew (Korea vs. France)

2 Battles of The Beats (Kanye vs Swizz)

5 Man Rap Team Battle

Captain: Mos Def & his partners: Black Thought, MF Doom, Jay Electronica and Nas


Captain: Jay-Z or Kanye and either one’s four.


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