Wale in GQ & His Baltimore Show



Check Wale out in the New issue of  GQ Magazine on shelves now!


 Soooo V.A. hits me with the text “Goin to see Wale and UCB at sonar tonight Holla at me” I’m like “aahh hell yeah” so around 8:00 V.A. scoops me up and we made it happen. Wale and UCB went on around 11:30 after the opening acts (GreenSpan, some local girl group sorry, and Big Sean) Wale and the band tore it down from start to finish! At one point in the show he asked the audience to tweethim the songs they wanted him to perform, and the room lit up with blackberry’s and iphone lights from where I was standing. So Basicly it was dope and I’m glad to see Wale and D.C. getting so much love. (side bar..Sonar what’s with putting Wale in that small stage just because his fans don’t need a mosh pit don’t mean we want to be cramp in that small as room. Don’t yall know he packed the highline ballroom  in NYC.) This was my third time seeing Wale in person. The first time was when I had my T-Shirt booth at the DC Stock Exchange about 2 years ago and he had just got back from touring with Mark Ronson and was dropping the 100 miles and running mixtape. Then I when to the commonwealth album release for “Mixtape about nothing” and gave him a “Thrill if Victory” tee even though i doubt that he even remembers because people probably give him things all the time, its all good. finally this performance on Monday. Ithink I’m going to go to the show at the 9:30 club in D.C on June 3rd, because that’s going to be the best show on the tour Trust..




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