From the barrel into your old bottle!!



Michigan winery “Leftfoot Charley is now offering drinkers bringing their own reusable bottles wine straight from the barrel.

For a limited time, like through June we’re guessing, you will be able to reuse clean, unlabled wine bottles straight from our tanks. That’s right – just like they do in Europe.

If you are planning to drink a wine this weekend or next, why waste the all the effort and packaging provided to ensure that the wine ages – why not drink it fresh from the source? LFC is reserving a limited amount of wine for bulk sales this spring.

Here’s how it works:
Bring in (or purchase one from us) a blank, clean bottle. We will re-clean the bottle and fill it with our wine. It will get a generic LFC label, reusable cork (Screw tops accepted as well) and you are on your way. It will save you $2-3 off the same wine finished with a traditional cork.


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One Response to “From the barrel into your old bottle!!”

  1. wine information Says:

    What an amazing offer! This is how they do it in many European countries and they should do more of it here in the states. I wish restaurants would do this more often too. The house wine should always come strait from the barrel! Cheers!

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