Geronimo’s great grandson sues the Skull and Bones



geranimo As the legend goes, Prescott Bush, George W’s grandfather, was not only a prestigious member of the Skull and Bones, but also a grave robbing warlock who stole Geronimo’s skull and brought it back to the clandestine order’s creepy on campus “tomb” located at 64 High Street—that’s where they store all their occult talismans and supernatural paraphernalia. Convinced of this, Harlyn Geronimo, the Indian chief’s great grandson, is suing the U.S. government, Yale University, and the Skull and Bones themselves in an attempt to recover the remains!


One Response to “Geronimo’s great grandson sues the Skull and Bones”

  1. KELLY Says:

    I am very proud to hear Geronimo’s grandson is suing the Government.
    This is very sad. I can not even imagine how this man could lay his head down to rest at night.
    His day of judgement will come.
    If a few people would read their history a lot of them would hang their head in shame for what the white man did to the first people.
    Geronimo was a proud leader and i am sure he is with the great spirit today.My heart was broken when i read what Geronimo went through in life.

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