Black History Month AF1’s



In honor of Black History Month Nike will be releasing htis pair of Air Force One’s and they picked the perfect day to display them one day after Martin Luther King’s birthday and on the same day when the first Black President Barack Obama takes office. The shoe has a predominantly black upper construactted from premium leather with red and green stiching all along the shoe. There is also a laser print on the back end of the side panels. The shoes come with a special packaging which includes a black bag with a motivational quote and a logo will also come on the back of it representing 100 years. This shoe will only be given to select individuals active in the Black History Community. Via.

Here is the quote that comes with the shoes: ”

“100 years came and another 100 past

little did they know, nothing would forever last

the land they knew stood for “liberty and justice for all”

however, “we the people” didn’t include them at all

words on paper held no weight

it was time for judicial battle at the mahogany gate

they moved left and then shifted right

they fought for freedom keeping equality in sight

laws were challenged and changes were made

giving us the right to make the grade

thanks to those who fought the fight

moving the darkness and bringing light”


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