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iPhone Fish-eye Lens

December 30, 2008


USB Fever is selling detachable magnetic lenses in fish-eye, 2x zoom and wide angle/super macro.



December 29, 2008


This is apparently ASUS’ new S121.  likely to cost you about$700- $800 when it comes out! Nobody seems to have the full report about it right now but it seems kind of slik, somewhat of a luxury notebook….3147400514_71b9f5db3a


Final call for etf free sprint contract cancellation

December 29, 2008


Are you considering AT&T’s “more bars than ever before” service? Maybe you’d like to switch over to the “Can you hear me now?” network of Verizon Wireless? If you’re stuck with a Sprint service contract and want to change carriers, times running out for you to (attempt to) jump ship without the standard Early Termination penalty.

Thanks to our friends at we are reminded that Sprint subscribers have until January 1, 2009 to cancel service contracts with no early termination fees. On that date Sprint is raising their non-government mandated administrative fee from $.75/month to $.99/month. Technically, that rate hike amounts to Sprint reneging on their end of the contract you signed, so you should be able to use that little nugget of information to get yourself on a month-to-month contract because the Sprint contract for service allows you not to agree to this change and exit your contract earlier.

Check out this ‘script’ to get a feel for what you’ll need to go through when you reach a Sprint Customer Service Rep.

Martin Margiela necklace

December 29, 2008



found at CREEDAm

Medicom Toy x Porter x Maharishi Luggage Collection

December 29, 2008


collaboration between Medicom Toy, Porter and Maharishi on a luggage collection. Each partner contributed a different aspect to the project. Medicom Toy produced the fabrick of the bags, Maharishi provided the camouflage design and Porter the silhouettes and contruction of the bags. The outcome is a small collection consisting of a technical backpack, a tote bag, wallet and digicam/cellphone pouch.

The Medicom Toy x Porter x Maharishi collection is now available at Ships Jet Blue.



December 29, 2008

GENEVA (AP) — A Swiss man suspected of involvement in the world’s biggest nuclear smuggling ring has been released from prison after more than four years of investigative detention, his family said Sunday.

Urs Tinner, 43, was freed several days ago, his mother, Hedwig Tinner, told The Associated Press by telephone from eastern Switzerland.

His brother, Marco Tinner, 40, remains in detention while prosecutors appeal for his release to the federal criminal court in Bellinzona, she said.

The family’s information was confirmed by an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of confidentiality rules.

The Swiss Supreme Court had rejected previous requests for the release of the Tinner brothers, but told investigators in August to consider — “within months” — whether to set them free pending a possible trial.

The brothers, along with their father, Friedrich, are suspected of supplying the clandestine network of Abdul Qadeer Khan — creator of Pakistan’s atomic bomb — with technical know-how and equipment that was used to make gas centrifuges. Dr. Khan sold the centrifuges to countries with secret nuclear weapons programs, including Libya and Iran, before his operation was disrupted in 2003.

Swiss investigators have struggled to piece together a complete picture of the alleged activities of the Tinners within the Khan network since their arrest.

If the Tinners are formally charged and their case goes to trial in Switzerland, they face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of breaking laws on the export of sensitive goods. Time in pretrial detention would count toward any prison sentence.

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Notorious B.I.G. – Microphone Murderer

December 29, 2008


Unreleased Biggie demo,

Download: Notorious B.I.G. – Microphone Murderer

Midnight by Sister Soulah

December 29, 2008


In stores now go pick it up, Trust me! Book review soon to come from Mrs. Young….

Phone Sex, coffee Table book

December 26, 2008


Twin Palms is pleased to offer Phillip Toledano’s second book, Phonesex. Toledano has photographed nearly thirty phonesex operators in the intimate setting of their own homes, offering a seldom-seen glimpse into the reality of what otherwise is a fantasy created by the operator’s voice, and caller’s imagination. Accompanying every portrait is a text written by each subject touching on some aspect of his or her experience as an operator. Whether touching, humorous, or disturbing, every operator’s point of view is compelling.

Rihanna x UNICEF x Gucci Tattoo Heart bag

December 23, 2008


RIHANNA, having given a stellar performance at Gucci’s UNICEF fundraiser during New York Fashion Week in February, will be furthering her relationship with the fashion house by starring in the label’s first ad campaign for the children’s charity.

To showcase its collaboration with UNICEF, Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, chose the songstress for her “strong personality”. According to WWD, Giannini said: “When we decided to dedicate a full ad campaign, more than just creating products, to really come out and show our commitment to UNICEF, I felt a musician and a beautiful woman was the perfect icon for this campaign.”





The campaign, “Tattoo Heart”, will be out in December – and, not wanting to spoil the surprise, we will only say that the ads show Rihanna in limited edition Gucci products for UNICEF, of which 25 per cent of sales will go towards the charity.

For Rihanna, who has long been a fan of Gucci as a brand and already has her own children’s charity, The Believe Foundation, says of the collaboration: “It’s an honour to represent Gucci.”