Obama Vs. Jordan Poll



I know This Poll seems crazy but look deeper and you will see that both of these great Men posses a great desires to win. Also here are a few other things that might sway your vote.

Obama  played on the Punahou High School basketball team in Honolulu in the 1970s, helping the team win the state championship.

Jordan lead the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA Championships.

Obama shoots left handed

Jordan shoots with either hand! I’m sure of it! 

Obama has the disenfranchised believing again.

Jordan sells Dope sneakers to the disenfranchised.

Obama Sometimes called “Barry O’bomber” for his jump shot

Jordan Sometimes called “Air Jordan” Because he defies gravity when he dunks

Obama jersey # was #23 first!

Jordan jersey # was #23

Obama Will have his own Ball Court on the grounds of the White house (top that)  

Jordan has a Ball court at his 29,000 square foot Estate in Highland Park IL. (Cool but it’s not the whitehouse)



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3 Responses to “Obama Vs. Jordan Poll”

  1. Mark Barnes Says:

    Obama would sky right over Jordan.

  2. cutthroatkids Says:

    Thanks for the comment but why no vote on the poll?

  3. Simon Prahm Says:

    The Obama vs. Jordan might actually becomre reality in Copenhagen this fall. Read more at:


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