Tears for Kogelo’s son!



Although they were thousands of miles away from the US, it was still a very personal win for them as they truly consider Mr Obama a son of Kogelo.

Sarah Onyango, Barack Obama's grandmother
If I laugh too hard, I’ll die
Sarah Onyango
Barack Obama’s step grandmother

“People of Kogelo come and celebrate, Obama has won,” rang out on the loudspeakers as residents ran from their houses to join in the jubilant celebrations.

Children from the Senator Obama-Nyangoma Primary School burst out of their classes shouting and screaming with joy.

A prayer of thanksgiving was said – what they had prayed for had come to pass.

About 1.5km from the health centre, Sarah Onyango, the US president-elect’s 86-year old step-grandmother, could not restrain herself and darted out of her house singing and dancing.

more at BBC


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