David Burke and Donatella


David Burke has teamed up with Donatella Arpaia. The result is David Burke and Donatella, serving provocative Modern American Cuisine in an elegantly refurbished Upper East Side space. The restaurant’s design is inspired by the bold colors and lacquered surfaces on the 1930’s, yet it has decidedly contemporary aesthetic. Upon entering David Burke & Donatella, guests will feel the glamour and sense of fun in the lounge with its sleek white gloss, stone bar and whimsical art installations. The volume of color and drama is turned up for the main event, the dining room, where a striking color palette of chocolate, vanilla and lipstick colors prevails.

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. Used by David Burke in his restaurants as both seasoning and as an exquisite base for food creations to sit upon.

The main attraction at davidburke & donatella though, is the food. Heads turn as dishes make their way through the dining room as David’s flair for presentation is unmatched only by the food’s taste.

The restaurant is located at 133 East 61st Street, between Park & Lexington.

Watch this video of David Burke Scrambled Eggs and Lobster


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