Parfumerie Generale


This code name, which gives a humorous take on the initials of perfume creator Pierre Guillaume, hints at the very free creative spirit behind this collection of perfumes started in 2002.  True alternatives to all those mass market products, with their bland, standardised formats aimed at winning over vast numbers of consumers, Pierre Guillaume’s creations exhale their strong character with distinct and immediately recognisable scent identities that make no compromises.

       The bold and inventive Pierre Guillaume style is further enhanced in each Parfumerie Generale creation by technical prowess inspired by his background in fine chemistry: a captive ingredient, or one that is totally new, or a unique production process specific to each fragrance. By exploring new process such as “photo-affinage” (photo-refining or smoothing olfactory peaks by ultraviolet radiation), his creations are imprinted with a “vibrant” or “melancolic” feel.

       Because luxury is not a question of excessively using an ingredient and because the quest for uniqueness should not result in overly intellectual fragrances that are impossible to wear, and since contemporariness and provocation do not necessarily go hand in hand, Pierre Guillaume does not merely try to create scents but also emotions as a reminder of how intimate the bond between a person and their perfume is.

Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume takes care of the whole process of producing fragrances in its own facilities, independently, from the initial act of artistic creation, assembling the concentrates, adding the alcohol and refining, right up to the final packaging stage. The precious liquids are protected by heavy chunks of glass called “Diolènes”, simply numbered so their contents can be discovered free of any preconceived classification as men’s or women’s fragrances and with the base concealing the poetic creation name and olfactory type.

Each “Diolène” comes in a telescopic cover box in the Parfumerie Generale colours of black and vanilla, trimmed with black velvet and accompanied by an explanatory leaflet about the perfume, its history, formulation, concentration, etc.

The collection totalling 20 “numbered” fragrances, 11 Private Creations and 6 scented candles is marked by a strong, graphic visual identity, a sober, somewhat old-fashioned style inspired by early 20th century design, yet with omnipresent attention paid to modern technical detail; it is available for sale in a network of 50 selected Alternatives


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