Greatest Grab Ever?


Okay so im like 19 days late on this but Fudge it Homecoming is coming up and its awesome! 

From Pass it Deep writer Jimmy Da Saint

Morgan State is getting plenty of publicity today, after one of their receivers may have made one of the best catches in college or pro football history!

The amazing grab looks more like a stunt that was choreographed in the matrix trilogy or straight out of a Disney movie to regain it’s audiences attention again.

The play unfolds after Morgan State’s quarterback drops back in his own end zone and launches a 35 yard strike to MSU’s receiver Edwin Baptiste. The ball looks like it’s going to be way overthrown until Edwin Baptiste suspends his body in mid air like Neo did in the Matrix & stretches one arm out as far as he can to real the ball in before landing on his back to make the catch!

Ballerina’s & ice skaters have less control of their bodies in mid flight than Edwin Baptiste did when he made one of the most surreal catches you’ll ever witness in your life! Someone in science should challenge Einstein’s theory of relativity again because Baptiste defies both logic and gravity with this play.

I know ESPN is only into rewarding big name schools at their ESPY awards, but their is no doubt that E.B. should be walking up on stage to accept an ESPY award for the most amazing play in 2008! Actually, they should just mail him the award over the weekend because no other play in any sport could compare to what Edwin Baptiste accomplished last night!

Wow, Wow & Wow!!!!


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