Offical Black President website


started out of a simple desire to do something positive for the Barack Obama presidential campaign…and a high-concept idea of how to do it.

We are a collective of young New Yorkers from all walks of life with backgrounds in fashion, music, politics, art, sociology, and stirring the pot. Like most young city dwellers we have been Obama supporters since before it was cool to be one (kidding, kidding..) and set out to support his presidency the same way we approach everything: directly, stylishly, and with a touch of humor.
To buy shirts and learn more click link.

Link Website

If you dont care about the shirt’s check out their blog in my blog roll


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One Response to “Offical Black President website”

  1. jonny Says:

    Good idea on their part $$$$$. But I think it is sends the wrong message. Weather or not Obama is black should be completely irrelevant, as far as I am concerned.

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