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Ralph lauren’s Notorious Film

September 30, 2008

Timeless glamour and golden era Hollywood united for three days in Paris for the making of Ralph Lauren’s Notorious film, starring French actress and model Laetitia Casta.
Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious and other film noir classics, renowned director Wong Kar-wai filmed the motion picture-caliber black-and-white commercial for the new women’s fragrance. He captures Laetitia’s seductive beauty among some of the most romantic locations in Paris.

Laetitia embodies the Notorious woman at a cafe erected beneath the Palais de Tokyo, an Art Deco masterpiece that also sets the stage for a vintage Jaguar scene. The grand balconies and plush red velvet seats of the Theatre des Varietes provide a dramatic backdrop for Laetitia in a long, liquid-silver Ralph Lauren Collection dress. 

The Pont Alexandre III Bridge, one of the most remarkable locations in Paris, was selected for the film’s finale. Laetitia is captured leaning over the Seine from among the ornate sculptures in a flowing white Ralph Lauren gown.


The Significance of Color…

September 30, 2008

I have had a few conversations with friends about the significance of a black Person being this close to becoming president of the United States. This is a big deal to many African Americans (especially descendants of slaves) because of America’s past and present relationship with our group of people, which I should not have to explain. Barack Obama is not our “great black hope” — we don’t think he’s going to solve all the problems in the black community. At the end of the day, he is politician. But like it or not, Obama represents something to us — “hope” and “change.” Hope that for the first time in our nation’s history, a black kid will see a person that looks like him/her as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States and will then strive for greatness. He represents change to a 70-year old-black man or woman who has endured America’s treatment of blacks and witnessed the changes in attitudes through the years. If you’re not black, you may not understand how that feels — and that’s okay. But please don’t try to down play the significance of this because of your fears or misunderstanding of our pride! 

The United States was established around 178, and (black/African) slaves arrived on  the shores very shortly after to work in our country’s fields, farms and swamps.  Slavery was abolished in 1865, but black people did not have the right to vote until almost 100 years later — in 1964! During this nation’s entire 227 years of existence, there has never being one single black official presidential candidate — until now.  I cannot and will not understand how that can be looked over, and why we can’t be proud when we see him on TV.

I want this to be clear! I don’t think that all black people should vote for Senator Obama because of his skin color.  Voting is serious and you should vote for the person that you  have educated yourself about and believe in.

When I watched this on TV the other day,  I knew I had to post it. Thank you Bob Schieffer!!! You really drove my point home!

In 1962, riots erupted on the campus of Ole Miss in protest of the university’s first black student. In 2008, the school welcomed a historic debate with a black candidate. Bob Schieffer comments.

Cold War Kids: Pondering Personal Politics

September 29, 2008


By Christian Bordal  for NPR


Day to Day, September 23, 2008 – In the 1900s, a little-known California philosopher named Josiah Royce challenged Friedrich Nietzshe’s ideas from a century earlier about the “will to power” and the ubermensch, or superman.

In his paper “Loyalty to Loyalty,” Royce said that the ultimate pursuit of mankind should be to live in community and embrace each other, not to try to trample each other and rise to the top. A lot of the songs on the Cold War Kids’ new album, which shares the name of Royce’s paper, straddle the line between those philosophies.

Don’t worry: The album isn’t a philosophical treatise, nor is it overtly political, but when you scratch the surface of his lyrics, Nate Willett does ponder issues of personal politics. In the song “Welcome to the Occupation,” for example, he debates the value of being a teacher versus following a more selfish dream to be an artist.

Willet taught high school English in Torrance, Calif., but says the job didn’t provide him with “a lot of creative space to really be very inspired to be a teacher.

“This is right before we started touring,” he adds, “and I very much wanted to be an artist and have that kind of freedom.”

Personal Politics

One of the record’s slow-tempo tunes, “Every Man I Fall For,” is about relationships from a woman’s perspective.

“Coming from a divorced family, my mom was very important to me,” Willett says. “And I’ve always been very sensitive to a woman’s… to how women just, they generally get more screwed by relationships, be it marriage or dating ones, than men do. And even that — is that a very sexist thing to say? I don’t think so. I think it’s just generally true.”

For a band that talks about Nietzsche and writes quirky, sparse indie-pop, Cold War Kids did quite well with its first full-length album, Robbers and Cowards. That has put pressure on the band to avoid the infamous sophomore jinx. Willett insists the group isn’t heading down that road.

“The choices that we make have always been organic ones, to try to grow at a rate that makes sense,” Willett says. “Not necessarily talking about, ‘Is there a great single? Is this a big breakthrough for us? Is this the next level for us?’ But just write songs. Yeah, there is a stress, and the way we deal with it is to ignore it.”

Atypical Rock ‘N’ Roll

There’s no need to get too stressed; on Loyalty to Loyalty, the band continues its compelling efforts to deconstruct the pop infrastructure. Cold War Kids’ wide-open, high-energy arrangements give all four instruments equal billing, leaving plenty of uncluttered space in between.

“People get that there are four instruments, and they all have unique voices, and in that way, it is very atypical of a rock ‘n’ roll band,” Willett says.

Cold War Kids’ members are indeed atypical: making indie-punk and art-pop with minimalist lyrics and intellectual roots, with the energy and pop appeal to get spins on commercial radio and actually sell CDs.

No Bail Out! For richer or for poorer

September 29, 2008

In a shocking defeat that rocked Wall Street, the House of Representatives voted down a $700 billion plan aimed at rescuing banks and freeing up credit.

On news of the 228-205 defeat, the stock market plummeted. The Dow Jones industrial average recorded its biggest closing point drop in history, closing down 777.68 points — or nearly 7 percent — to 10,365.45.

more at NPR

Haruo Suekichi Watchmaker

September 26, 2008

For close to thirteen years, Haruo Suekichi has been investing hours upon hours every day to develop watches with a Steampunk flair. Reminiscent of Jules Verne and influenced by manga, his finely crafted watches are of a vintage futuristic kind. And what started with an unsuccessful attempt to hawk them at a flea market has turned into an enterprise whose analogue objects of desire are hard to get.


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NYPD Kills A Naked Man Armed With A Fluorescent Light Tube

September 26, 2008
This is so sad… and should have went down a lot different!   
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Food Prejudice? Maybe…

September 24, 2008

I ask this because of my choice in the color of foods.

I have being called Bourgeoisie by my wife because i only like to buy White Meat Chicken(Breast and wings). It does cost more! which often times does mean it’s Better.. Dark Meat Chicken is too greasy and has a lot of veins in it. Even Mc Donalds switched their nuggets to all White meat. LOL

I also only like Solid White Albacore tune. All the other tuna smells real bad and and the texture is not as good!

Brown rice > white Rice

white eggs > Brown eggs

Wheat Bread (mostly for heath reasons)> White bread (unless making a PBJ sandwich)

I also segregate food. These flavors should not touch. Fucking Astronaut food!


i will let my friend Megan (the Writer) Snider explain that

Bentley Safe!!! Troup this ones for you

September 24, 2008

For devotees of fine mechanisms, the “Arnage” is an elaborate watch safe equipped with state-of-the-art watch winders for exceptional timepieces. For more than 20 years we have been integrating watch winder technology into safes. Watch collectors all over the world use our reliable devices. Our watch winder runs almost noiselessly. An extremely long, disturbance and maintenance free life is guaranteed. The design captures traditional craftsmanship qualities and techniques and reveals design cues we are passionate about. The choice of materials demonstrates the high quality and finishing evident in every Stockinger safe.Price: 125,000 € (net price, ex works)

Dimensions (H x W x D):  119 x 56 x 51 cm 47 x 22 x 20 inchesWeight:  approx. 485 kg / 1067 lbsVolume:  approx. 95 dl.Security grade:  EN 1143/VDS IIILocking mechanism:  StocktronicWatchwinder capacity:  8 watchesTurn per day:  650-900Winding Directions:  SelectableDrawers:  3 in different sizesFinish options:  All standard Bentley exterior paints, 10 Stockinger interieur suedesWood veneer panels:  Birds Eye Maple, Burr Walnut or Dark Stained Burr WalnutLimited edition:  200 safes

All info obtained from the Stockinger web site.

Runway to change

September 24, 2008

That is the name of a part of the store on the official Barack Obama  website where there are lots of great tee shirts, garments, and other items you can purchase in support of Obama. 

I’m so hyped because the items are designed by respected fashion designers and music icons. This is very good for his campaign because it lets me know he understands that the young generation of consumers are not impressed with a  boring plain tee with his “Obama 08” slapped on it! We need choices and creativity. Now I know you P.h. D’s are going to have a problem with the prices, but that’s cool! There is a whole other section of the store with basic $20 range tees, you and parents can match   “HI HATERS”

Here are a few of my favorites!!!


Ne-Yo feat. Jamie Foxx & Fabolous – She Got Her Own

September 23, 2008

This songs for Women like my Wife, my home girls Cortney, Lynette, Aisha, Tiffany, Megan, Leisle, Kathy that be out working hard everyday!