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Blackstone Extortion Case x Smurfs

August 28, 2008

Just when you thought this Blackstone extortion case couldn’t get any stranger, we learn that the Smurfs are involved. Yeah, those Smurfs (as if there are other ones).


For the uninitiated, a man named Stuart Ross last week was arrested for trying to extort $11 million from David Blitzer, a senior managing director with Blackstone Group who is married to Ross’ estranged daughter. He was released on $2,500 bail Saturday morning, and apparently believes the entire thing is a Blackstone-conceived plot to “crush” him. As he put it outside the courtroom: “This was a preconceived operation by Blackstone to show its strength.”

Ummm… Ok. A firm worth billions of dollars – which could buy and sell most of us – feels the need to flex its muscles at the expense of an elderly non-practicing attorney. If that were the case, Schwarzman could have just asked him to play piñata at next year’s birthday bash.

Anyway, back to the Smurfs. Seems Ross hasn’t always been hard up for money. Back in the day, he made a fortune off licensing rights to the little blue guys (and one special lady), but has since squandered it. Too bad the Smurfs aren’t still popular (I blame The Snorks) – with a little makeup and hair dye, Ross could work as a double for Gargamel:

From PE  Columist Dan Primak


Monks not havin it!

August 28, 2008

Buddhists and monks (bottom) march on streets during a protest denouncing alleged government bias against their religion in Seoul, South Korea, August 27, 2008. Tens of thousands of grey-robed Buddhist monks in straw hats flooded a park in central Seoul on Wednesday to protest against President Lee Myung-bak, a Christian, as he named several members of his Presbyterian church to his transition team before taking office in February. Buddhists were further upset when government maps released online in June did not list sites such as Buddhist temples.

R.I.P. Sho’nuff

August 26, 2008

 The baddest mofo low down around this town!  Julius J.Carry III, who played Sho’nuff in “The Last Dragon,” has passed away at the age of 56. Julius died of complications from pancreatic cancer on Tuesday in his Studio City, CA home.

Julius Carry, III, who terrorized the Black karate hero of Harlem “Bruce Leroy” in Berry Gordy’s campy The Last Dragon, is best remembered as the character Sho’Nuff. His co-starring 1985 appearance, along with singers Vanity and the group DeBarge, helped create a presence for actors in several independent Black films that followed well into the ‘90s.

According to Carry’s mother, the Rev. Helen Carry, executive minister of Christ Universal Temple in Chicago’s West Pullman neighborhood, he died of complications from pancreatic cancer, the Chicago Tribune reports.  He was 56.

The Chicago native had a TV and film career that lasted almost three decades in which he landed a steady stream of acting job on TV shows including “The Jeffersons,” “Family Matters,” “JAG” and “The Unit.”

But it was his role as Sho’nuff, accompanied by his wild, frizzed-out ’fro and outlandish version of samurai gear, demanding to know from his followers, “Who da mastah?” to which they respond, “Sho’nuff!” that he became most famous for.

Carry is survived by his wife, Naomi; a brother, Ronald; and his mother, the Rev. Helen Carry.

Services are being arranged.



Everybody-Farnsworth Bentley feat. Kanye, Andre 3000, Sa-Ra

August 26, 2008
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Funny and so true!!!

August 20, 2008

My Co-Worker commented That people from New York CITY would want to narrow it down to like a few parts of the city.  I agree!!

Swiped of Steven Vogels blog (artist unknown)

Ferrari Monza

August 20, 2008

Borrowing styling cues from the Ferrari Enzo, the Monza’s aerodynamic profile is supposed to allow it to travel at speeds of over 200 km/hr. And since high-speedin’ humans are a liability, the Monza’s computer system takes over driving duties once you hit a certain m.p.h. The vehicle will also change shape to become even more aerodynamic and to create a little lift to reduce friction. It’ll be a good minute before we see any flying autos, but if this is where car design is headed, we’re not mad at all. Check out more photo’s after jump!!!

From Complex


The Inspirational Burglar

August 18, 2008

The fashion philosophy of the menswear brand Jack Spade, as espoused on its website, is distinctly utilitarian. “Chinos for the military, Levis for the workman, Lacoste for the sportsman. The products these companies manufacture have style because the designs have a reason for being.”

Following this maxim to its logical conclusion, the Jack Spade store in lower Manhattan has decided to celebrate one of their most dedicated customers, a thief who has returned three times to the store in search of items that are both stylish and fully functional for the busy burglar.

Jack Spade’s Greene Street Store

Jack Spade was so smitten by this criminal’s dedication and affinity for their products they have created a comic book to commemorate his adventures. Breaking and Entering is available for purchase at their Greene Street location, which is also decorated in homage to their nocturnal visitor.

The love affair between Spade and their sartorial sneak began back in March, when our hero, whom we’ll call Paul Bunyan,  broke into Jack Spade’s Greene Street store by smashing the window with a fireplace log.


Bunyan immediately went for the store’s decorative rocket ships, which he used to try and jimmy the cash register. When this failed, he switched tactics, grabbed a large haul of clothes and accessories, and made his getaway.


The story might have ended there, but 45 minutes later Bunyan was back, hoping to retrieve his trusty log. He apparently discovered that Jack Spade makes a log carrier, which would both carry and conceal. But before he could escape a second time, the police arrived, and nabbed him.

Jack Spade Log Carrier, $155

Fast forward 39 days and Bunyan finally makes bail. His first move? A beeline back to the Spade store, where he puts his trusted log through the recently repaired windowpane. This time he grabbed only three items: that neat-o rocket ship, a pair of glasses (a disguise?), and, of course, the log carrier.

Thief’s Jack Spade Glasses, $275

This time Bunyan made off before the police arrived, but he underestimated the tenacity of the NYPD, who remembered his home address from the last time, and promptly paid him a visit. –BEN POPPER

from the Mens Vogue blog

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Collection

August 18, 2008

don’t go overboard and walk around loking like a big checker board…. Lames

Puff’s New Cologne Ad… I AM KING

August 15, 2008

Here at Cutthroatkids we firmly believe that confidence and good taste are two of the best quality’s you can have. It can effect your entire life from love, spirituality, food, entertainment, education, culture, etc..

Anyway Puff has great taste is what I’m getting at!


PLSM: Cassie (Singer, Actress, Model)

August 13, 2008

Cassie has dope style and taste either at dress up events or when just kickin it around town with friends which is why i picked her for this new post. (If you think i should in the future profile someone let me know in a comment!)  Enjoy!