the power of ONE!!



According to a recent AP report, 300,000 people in Kenya were forced to leave their homes, and over 800 people were killed during this past month’s post-election violence.

Reuters reported today that, “Increasing numbers of Kenyan women and children are raped nightly in displacement camps, where sexual violence is used to threaten and intimidate . . .”

I want to do something.

But what can one person do?

Feministing suggests making donations to the Kenya Red Cross Society.

El Oso made a donation through MamaMikes. According to the MamaMikes web site, $25 ( £ 12.50 or € 17.24 ) will buy either of the following items:

• 5 litres of cooking oil, sanitary products, 2kg of unga, 2kg rice and a pair of shoes
• or one bale of unga
• or a mattress
• or a blanket.

The Vuma Kenya Initiative’s site has a list of Kenya related blogs, and a list of 10 places to donate. One of the places on their list is the Nairobi Women’s Hospital’s Gender Violence Recovery Center which is, “currently attempting to deal with the dramatic increase in sexual violence following the Kenyan presidential election.”

Ida Wahlstrom’s post, Kenya’s Crossroads: What You Can Do is full of resources for how you can help. She recommends that you stay informed through Pambazuka News’ coverage of the situation.

You can also keep informed about breaking news on Global Voices’ roundup of bloggers’ coverage of Kenya, and read background information on the Genocide Intervention Network.


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