Risky Business (Steve Rocco and World Industries)


by Jay Riggio 

In the late ’80s, skateboarding was at an unappetizing standstill. Neon shorts, dangling cross earrings and fanny packs were still proudly adorned amongst many of skateboardings biggest names. Pro’s were paid like migrant fisherman and the only ones who seemed to profit off of skateboarding were the non-skating, old men company owners who not only never set foot on a board, but couldn’t relate to the skate market if it flicked’ em in the ass. Things were fucked. But before one could pinpoint what actually was wrong with the picture, one man stepped up to the plate of the corporate-run skate industry, with overwhelming ambition, an almost unhealthy resentment of the status quo and balls the size of baby heads. This man was former Sims Skateboards pro freestyle skater and overzealous businessman to be, Steve Rocco.

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One Response to “Risky Business (Steve Rocco and World Industries)”

  1. Danny Keith Says:

    Rocco came in at a time when skateboarding was stale and flat. World Industries revitalized that raw skateboarding feel…been in this for a while it was cool to see it first hand. Come and check out http://www.skateboards.com where you can speak your mind to skaters!

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