Cloned Human Embryo(God’s plan or Satan’s hand)



This is something for all you smart dumb kids to think about!

written by By Colin Nickerson  Boston Globe

Scientists at a little-known California biotechnology company yesterday claimed to have cloned a human embryo theoretically capable of yielding stem cells, but fell short of generating the avidly sought blank slate cells through the process.

The work by Stemagen Corp. won faint praise from top figures in the field, who said that though the assertion appears supported by the research, this provides more evidence that humans can be cloned, like sheep or mice. At least one European laboratory has cloned human embryos, although to a less advanced state using a different process and with less scientific certainty than that described by the La Jolla-based company in the somewhat obscure journal Stem Cells.

The lead scientist at Stemagen, however, called the work an advance toward the goal of creating lines of “true” embryonic stem cells using a process know as somatic cell nuclear transfer, or therapeutic cloning.

“No other scientific group has documented the cloning of an adult human cell, much less been able to grow it to blastocyst stage,” said Andrew J. French, Stemagen’s chief scientific officer and lead author of the research.

A blastocyst is an embryo about five days old and containing 50 to 200 cells. This is the stage at which stem cells – capable of forming any of the body’s 220 cell types, including blood, bone, and nerve tissue – can be harvested for research or therapy, a process that destroys the embryo.

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