Staten Islands Ninja Bandit. (Ninja Vanish)


vinyl_ninja02.jpgthis is a Wee Ninja  (FYI) 

This is real

Dressed all in black, and carrying nunchucks for close encounters, the elusive “Ninja Bandit” scored his 19th successful burglary on Sunday. 

Operating exclusively in the wealthiest of Staten Island neighborhoods, the Ninja has slipped past state-of-the-art alarm systems to lift over $100,000 in jewelry and cash from each of his targets.  The costumed thief has struck 19 times in the borough since May, mostly recently in the Castleton Corners area.

According to news reports, the thief entered the home through a sliding door and left with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

The “Ninja Bandit” was so named after a the intruder wielded a set of nunchucks when he scuffled with a homeowner in his kitchen in September. Other residents have said they, too, have encountered the burglar but the suspect has managed to escape each time.
Police efforts to curb the crime spree have been hampered by the burglar’s precision and stealth — living up to his name, the Ninja leaves no evidence behind. 

NEW YORK – Police and lawmakers are offering a $5,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of Staten Island’s so-called “Ninja Bandit.”



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