The Dark Knight (New Batman Movie)



just in from CBr News

500 devoted Joker fans lined up near Los Angeles’ The Bridge Cinema De Lux Thursday night to see just a few minutes of “The Dark Knight,” the passionately anticipated sequel to 2005’s hit re-launch of the Batman film franchise, “Batman Begins.” Each fan came prepared with a phony Gotham Unified School District I.D., which was their passkey into the screening, supplied to them by The Joker himself via his website

Ryan Parrott had earlier in the week followed the Joker’s clues to a local bakery, where he hoped to pick up one of the now infamous Joker cakes. Although he arrived too late, he did get there in time to see the L.A. cake being handed to another fan. Determined not to be late again, Parrot and his friend Brett Simmons were the first two in line for the Joker-sponsored event on Thursday, having arrived at an astonishingly early time of 11:00 AM.

“It was pretty much just like any other day, just at a different location,” Simmons told CBR News, explaining that he cleverly spent the time completing schoolwork he would have otherwise been doing at a coffee shop. Very Batman.

The Bridge’s IMAX cinema was quickly filled to its capacity of 327, and several painted Joker faces could be seen up and down the rows. Batman and Joker T-shirts were plentiful, and some fans even passed the pre-screening time reading comic books by the light of their mobile phones.

Finally, the lights dimmed and large Warner Bros. Studios, Legendary Pictures and DC Comics logos appeared on screen, each one passing through a dark blue, liquid-like bat emblem on the giant IMAX screen.

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