25 pairs of Nike Be True UNLV



I just recived word about 7:00 am this morning that Onefourtyfour  Lab  in LA. has 25 pair of the UNLV Nike Be True dunks.  GET YOURS!

Just in case you are wondering what they are, here is the low down 

In 1985, culture and sport crossed genres with an intensity never before witnessed and a new age of pioneers were born. In their wake, a storm of self-expression.

Eight chosen teams, The Dunk 8, forever changed the level of fanaticism and loyalty one could have. The Dunk 8 now had fans supporting them from head to toe in literal terms.

Twenty-two years have passed since the introduction of the Nike Dunk. To many it is a basketball shoe, to others it is a skate shoe, and to some it is a vintage shoe. But to the history of sneakers it is a legend and an icon that lives on today around the globe.

Nike is re-releasing the Vintage Be True Dunk 8 as well as a Vintage Terminator over the next month. Every few days a new shoe is released at Tier Zero locations around the globe. Release dates of each shoe is listed after the jump with corresponding retro logo from ‘85 when these kicks first released.

Nike “Be True” Vintage Dunks – Michigan 1/5

Nike “Be True” Vintage Dunks – UNLV 1/9

Nike “Be True” Vintage Dunks – Villanova 1/12

Nike “Be True” Vintage Dunks – Kentucky 1/16

Nike “Be True” Vintage Terminators – Georgetown 1/19

Nike “Be True” Vintage Dunks – St. John’s 1/23

Nike “Be True” Vintage Dunks – Syracuse 1/26

Nike “Be True” Vintage Dunks – Iowa 1/30



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