People Star-Struck by Go-Go Legend…or not!


Sugar Bear
Here’s the scenario:
I ran into Sugar Bear from EU at work, an undisclosed location. To my surprise he goes un-noticed by the chocolate people, a majority of the population. This happened in Waldorf, MD, a city trickled upon by DC. Sugar Bear was only noticed by an older man sporting a Redskins cap, and me. The man explained to his wife who Sugar Bear was and she had no clue, I couldn’t help but laugh. I approached him and shook his hand, after the other man got an autograph. I said “I appreciate your music, you are a great man.” As he looked into my eyes seemingly confused as to say, “This young man is a fan?” In the midst of my disappointment towards my people, to not recognize him by sight, in the distance to further dismay, out breaks a fight. I think to myself, “What is wrong with us? I thought we came so far.” Yet we get into fights in a store in the midst of the man from EU, the one with the bass guitar. A man who deserves respect from his people, one of the DMV’s greatest musicians. To go unrecognized in public is not acceptable, not for a man in his position. So the next time you go to a go-go or a concert, remember the faces you see, because remembered in the hearts and minds of their people is the greatest position in which they could EVER be.



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